Inkjet printing encounters widely occurring, costly, problems concerning quality and reliability. Examples include ghosting, misting, and degradation.

Our solution depends on understanding and controlling the electrochemistry involved in the printing process – specifically, the role of electrical charge in ink droplets.

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We provide Chargesense, a three-step, measure-manage-mend, approach.

First, we use our unique low-noise measurement system to assess the current print system. This enables us to measure millions of ejection events equating to a few seconds of print.

We then manage the process, in particular seeking to identify quick wins using the print technology already in place.


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Finally, where necessary we apply our technological solution – Poweraqua. This ensures that only uncharged droplets are ejected. Consequently, droplets land in the right position when ejected and ink does not move on the substrate.

The result is radical improvements in image quality, reliability, and process continuity in industrial printing.


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