PowerdropPowerdrop dispenses viscous liquids as microdroplets.

Many manufacturing operations need to dispense precise, micro-litre, quantities of viscous liquids. Conventional metering systems can’t deliver volumes that are sufficiently small. Ink jet systems cannot deliver viscous liquids.

Powerdrop can do both. It provides precise, consistent, micro-litre dispensing of viscous liquids such as:

  • paints
  • adhesives
  • pastes
  • polymer precursors
  • food ingredients such as chocolate, sugar-syrup, and flavourings

Reformulation is avoided or minimised. Non-contact delivery ensures no cross-contamination.

Applications include:

  • fixing surface-mount components
  • tactile packaging
  • precision colour paint mixing
  • food decoration, flavouring and colouring
  • precision diagnostics

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